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A Second Opinion in Orthodontics

Jun 19, 2017
You’ve been told you or your child needs braces. Braces often involves a notable sacrifice in time and savings. Therefore, it is common to question, “are braces really necessary?” This leads many patients to seek a second opinion when it comes to undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Reasons Why Teeth Shift After Braces Come Off

May 19, 2017
Orthodontics is an excellent solution for getting your teeth to move into proper position. However, once your braces come off, your teeth are not guaranteed to stay in place forever. While some minor teeth shifting is normal and expected, you’ll need to wear your retainer and pay attention to certain habits if you want to prevent major teeth movement.

Understanding Malocclusion

Apr 20, 2017
If you have ever been considered for orthodontics, you have probably heard the term “malocclusion”. In fact, malocclusion is likely the primary reason you are even having a discussion about braces. But what is malocclusion exactly? And how does it apply to your specific smile?

FAQ On Propel Orthodontics

Mar 16, 2017
You desperately want and even need orthodontic treatment, but you can’t seem to bring yourself to spend years in braces. Whether it is your stage of life, your pride or your career, it’s understandable to desire faster results from your orthodontics. Fortunately, modern dentistry has offered a solution. Propel is a state-of-the-art technology that ranks high on the list of accelerated orthodontics. Propel is gentle and brief, and it is highly effective for encouraging faster teeth movement and alignment.

Satisfying Your Food Cravings While In Braces

Feb 13, 2017
Having braces shouldn’t feel like you are deprived or on a strict diet. While there is a lot of talk about what NOT to eat while wearing brackets and wires, there are plenty of acceptable foods that won’t jeopardize your smile straightening treatment.

7 Things To Expect When Your Braces Come Off

Jan 13, 2017
It’s finally here. All of your patience and hard work have paid off and your braces are coming off. While you can certainly expect to find a beautiful, straight smile, there are other things that you need to be aware of too. Don’t worry; even the less desirable ones are either temporary or easily treatable.

Invisalign Versus Invisalign Teen

Dec 15, 2016
Invisalign Clear Aligner Therapy has revolutionized the way both teens and adults can straighten their teeth, offering highlighted convenience and valued discretion for active lifestyles. However, while Invisalign and Invisalign Teen operate on the same basic treatment principles, they are two separate products that account for two distinct age groups. To an outsider, Invisalign may not look or seem different from Invisalign Teen at all. However, there are some key differences between the two:

Keeping Your Teeth Clean With Braces

Nov 15, 2016
You’ve heard how important brushing and flossing in terms of keeping your smile healthy. However, if you have braces on those pearly whites, it becomes even more important. Your time in braces is a season you’ll want to pick up your oral hygiene habits instead of slack off. Neglecting to brush and floss correctly and diligently through your orthodontic treatment can leave you with smile that is straight, yet plagued with stains, decay and gingivitis.

Is It Too Late To Straighten My Teeth?

Oct 18, 2016
If you are an adult with a crooked smile, you may be wondering if you’ve missed your chances of straightening your teeth. The answer is emphatically “No”! It is never too late to get braces and achieve the straighter smile you have always wanted. Orthodontics are designed for both children and adults. In fact, recent surveys suggest that 1 in every 5 orthodontic patients is an adult.

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We’re very happy with walton orthodontics. We’re new to braces! So everytime we come in we hear and see something new. We love the flexibility with rescheduling! We got a good price! Lauren’s teeth are moving in the right direction. He is not only knowledgeable, but loves a good laugh too!

- Florence H

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The entire staff at Walton Orthodontics goes above and beyond to answer all of your questions. They are through, professional and efficient. Dr. Walton and his staff quickly developed an outstanding support with my son and our family.

- Whitney B
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