Satisfying Your Food Cravings While In Braces

Suwanee GA OrthodonticsHaving braces shouldn’t feel like you are deprived or on a strict diet. While there is a lot of talk about what NOT to eat while wearing brackets and wires, there are plenty of acceptable foods that won’t jeopardize your smile straightening treatment. As popcorn, nuts, hard tacos, gum and sticky/hard candy will always remain on the “NO” list for braces wearers, here are some options that can still satisfy your sweet cravings or prevent you from feeling left out when your friends are snacking on these foods.

Sweet Treats

There are plenty of sugar options to satisfy your sweet tooth without choosing hard or sticky candy. Ice cream and yogurt are ideal options for orthodontic patients, and savory fruits such as strawberries and bananas are also harmless to your braces.

Bite-Sized Crunchy Foods

Let’s face it; we all have a craving for something crunchy every once in a while. It is important to avoid hard pizza crust, apples and carrots if you want to keep your brackets on your teeth. However, if you prepare them the correct way, you can indulge occasionally. Take the time to cut up these crunchy food items into very small, bite-sized pieces to provide a safer environment for your braces as you chew.

Protein Boost

A handful of nuts may be the quickest way to get a little protein power boost throughout the day. However, you can still get necessary protein when you wear braces. Choose soft meats such as deli turkey or meatballs. In addition, cheese, eggs and soft beans are excellent choices to add to your diet. As soon as your braces come off, you can enjoy that thick steak or bag of peanuts.

Remember that by following the rules on eating, you’re likely to avoid extra appointments and get your braces off faster. It can be difficult to change your dietary habits if you are a teenager, especially when your friends are eating popcorn at the movies or chewing a piece of bubblegum while watching the game. To ease your frustrations in these situations, come prepared. Pack some chocolate when your friends are having starbursts or get yourself soft pretzel while your family is fighting over the popcorn bucket.

At Walton Orthodontics, we are committed to creating the most effective and stress-free treatments for our patients. If your food restrictions are a major drag, let us help you come up with some alternative snacks that won’t damage your brackets or wires. The sacrifice is worth it!


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