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The clear benefit of orthodontic treatment is straight teeth which will be much less susceptible to cavities and injury - and possibly just as important is definitely the greatly enhanced improvement to self-confidence that a beautiful and healthy smile provide. Invisalign braces, Lingual/hidden braces, short-term and accelerated braces as well as other options will allow you to achieve that boost in confidence. Adults now make up over 25% of all orthodontic patients nationwide. Orthodontic treatment for adults can definitely be successful at any age given that the biological process of tooth movement in adults is identical to the process that occurs in orthodontics for children. As you continue your research about orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to get all the facts you can. We have listed more for you below.


A: Orthodontics or dentofacial orthopedics is a dental specialty that is directed toward the diagnosis, prevention, and management of dental and facial irregularities.
A: An orthodontist is a dental specialist that has received an additional 2 to 3 years of experience and training beyond dental school. Your orthodontist has the expertise to straighten teeth, correct misaligned jaws, and enhance the function of your bite and smile.
A: Orthodontics can enhance an individual’s self-image as the teeth, lips and jaws align and straighten - but a beautiful smile is only one of the benefits. Then again, preventing dental and other health problems are equally important. With no treatment, orthodontic problems can lead to cavities, bone and gum damage as well as and eating and digestive issues. A “bad bite” can lead to speech problems, worn and fractured teeth, tooth loss, temporomandibular joint dysfunction as well as other dental concerns.
A: No-one can doubt the significance of a fantastic smile. It makes your appearance the best it can be, maximizes self-esteem and is invaluable to career and social success. Orthodontics is all about creating beautiful smiles. Today, orthodontics has improved so much that it is convenient and cost-effective for both kids and adults to reap its benefits. Along with creating beautiful smiles and enhancement of self-image, orthodontic treatment is a vital component for better dental and oral health. Braces fit conveniently into today’s hectic life styles. They’re easy to wear, easy to clean and less visible than ever before. Cutting edge techniques and materials can extend the time between visits, saving time and money.
A: The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children should have an orthodontic evaluation no later than age 7. Many orthodontic issues are less difficult to fix if recognized early. DO NOT wait till your child has all of their permanent teeth in place…you might be too late. Once jaw growth stops, your options are very limited. Early treatment may eliminate the need for surgical procedures or extractions other serious corrections later in life.
A: Braces straighten and properly position the teeth to provide you with an beautiful smile. Braces include brackets which are glued to the teeth and also the wires that connect brackets to each other. You will find various kinds of braces to select from, including traditional, self-ligating braces, clear braces, and invisible braces (hidden behind one’s teeth). Needless to say an alternative choice to braces is Invisalign® which is a series of clear removable aligners that fit over one’s teeth.
A: Any age can benefit from orthodontic treatment. However, early evaluation of your child is encouraged to allow us the best opportunity to maximize correction - in the least amount of time and at the lowest cost. Specific treatment techniques will provide significant advantages for patients between the ages of 6 and 11. This is because treatment during the ages of maximum growth spurt can achieve results not possible once growth of the face and jaws has ceased. It is important to note that the growth spurt in girls usually occurs between the ages of 11 and 13 while occurring in boys between the ages of 14 and 17. This illustrates the vital importance of an early orthodontic evaluation for girls and boys to ensure the best correction possible.
A: Definitely not! Over 1 million adults have chosen orthodontic treatment to improve their smiles and overall dental health and well-being. Adults are finding that esthetic options and cutting edge technology available to them now is light-years ahead of the “metal-mouth” look they had to endure as teens. Esthetic options for adults include Invisalign clear aligners, clear braces, and lingual/ hidden braces (braces behind the teeth) have been improved using sophisticated engineering to ensure comfort and the most efficient treatment possible. Another recent innovation is accelerated orthodontics which is a new treatment protocol enabling you to get your treatment done in 6–8 months.
A: No, it’s never too late to get braces or Invisalign. Healthy teeth can be moved at any age. Close to 40% of Dr. Walton’s practice is comprised of adult patients of all ages…40’s, 50’s and older.
A: Costs will vary depending on many variables including overall complexity of the orthodontic problem, total treatment time, and type of braces desired i.e clear braces, Invisalign, metal braces etc. We offer several different payment options and plans to make your treatment affordable…we don’t want cost to be a barrier in your treatment decision. We will work together to find a financial arrangement that works best with your budget. We offer interest-free payment options, family discounts, and pay-in-full discounts. To make things stress-free for you, will file your insurance claims and offer automatic bill pay. Remember to keep in mind that your investment in orthodontic treatment provides a LIFETIME of value.
A. First, it is recommended that you brush after every meal, and floss at least one time a day. Listed below are more suggestions for maintaining your teeth while in braces:
  1. Use a fluoride containing toothpaste. A fluoride rinse can also be obtained from your orthodontist or family dentist to help you protect against cavities!
  2. Avoid foods that are excessively hard and or chewy and/or sticky and those foods that contain sugar. These foods increase the formation of bacteria in your mouth and on your teeth in the form of plaque…which is the primary cause of cavities, puffy gums and periodontal disease in extreme cases.
  3. Avoid chewing gum, sugarless or not. Skittles, gummy candy, hard foods like chips, hard bread, hard candies, taffy, ice cubes or nuts. Use common sense.
  4. Continue to see your family dentist every six months for a checkup and cleanings.
A: Treatment time is dependent on many variables, every patient is different. Treatment time can be as little as 3 to 6 months (see QuickSmile) or up to 30 months. Normally, comprehensive orthodontic treatment with braces is usually accomplished within 24 months.
A: Braces typically don’t hurt. They’re constructed of materials which are significantly more comfortable compared to what they were decades ago. However, you might feel mild tenderness or irritation for any couple of days as your, teeth, mouth and cheeks get used to new braces.
A: Expect to have a short adjustment period while you are playing an instrument or playing a contact sport. Don’t worry, wearing braces will not prevent you from participating in school or other activities. If you require a mouthguard for your activity or sport ask your orthodontist for recommendations.

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We’re very happy with walton orthodontics. We’re new to braces! So everytime we come in we hear and see something new. We love the flexibility with rescheduling! We got a good price! Lauren’s teeth are moving in the right direction. He is not only knowledgeable, but loves a good laugh too!

- Florence H

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The entire staff at Walton Orthodontics goes above and beyond to answer all of your questions. They are through, professional and efficient. Dr. Walton and his staff quickly developed an outstanding support with my son and our family.

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