Metal Braces

Depending on your age, when someone mentions metal braces as an orthodontic treatment, immediately the picture comes to mind of a mouth full of metal and wires. A long time ago metal braces were a lot more cumbersome than they are now. Metal bands were placed around each tooth and those bands were connected by wires which had to be tightened from time to time. Through the years metal braces have undergone some rather drastic changes to make them more comfortable. One of the most important changes came during the 1970s when an adhesive changed everything. It was found that this adhesive was strong enough to hold the metal brackets directly on the teeth. Also during that time stainless steel became a popular metal in making braces. Today’s braces are considerably less bulky than the ones of yesteryear.

What are Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces have metal brackets. These brackets are put on your teeth with a strong adhesive. Then wire is used to connect the brackets. Every so often you will need to make a trip to the dental office to get the wires tightened. The tightening causes pressure on the teeth. When pressure is applied the teeth gradually begin to move. In this way your teeth become straighter and aligned in your jaw.

These metal brackets braces have not quite lost their popularity. They are less expensive than alternative methods of straightening teeth. As a result, they are still the most common type of braces people choose. For those who need braces to correct crooked teeth that can lead to other problems such as speech impediments or periodontal disease, traditional braces are a good choice. Also if more complicated work needs to be done. Regardless of what needs to happen, it is important to have a conversation with a trusted orthodontist so that you can make an informed decision in choosing the treatment that fits your budget and is right for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Walton.

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We’re very happy with walton orthodontics. We’re new to braces! So everytime we come in we hear and see something new. We love the flexibility with rescheduling! We got a good price! Lauren’s teeth are moving in the right direction. He is not only knowledgeable, but loves a good laugh too!

- Florence H

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The entire staff at Walton Orthodontics goes above and beyond to answer all of your questions. They are through, professional and efficient. Dr. Walton and his staff quickly developed an outstanding support with my son and our family.

- Whitney B
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