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Whether you’re considering AcceleSmile (Short Term) Braces or conventional braces, it’s important to understand how the short term braces system works. Please use this page to find answers to common questions. Then schedule an appointment with Dr. Walton to discuss your specific needs and goals.

Your Questions Answered

Q: How is AcceleSmile different than those other 6-Month Fast-Smile-Braces that my general dentist offers?

A: Do not confuse AcceleSmile with the those other systems such as 6-Month Fast-Smile-Br aces which are performed primarily by general dentists with only 2 days of training. Please
review the shocking video on this page – it shows general dentists at a “Six Month Smiles” training seminar admitting they know “nothing about orthodontics.” Also see our chart comparing our AcceleSmile System with Six Month Smiles.

Q: “I’m not a teenager…Will I have wear a mouth full of metal braces for 2 years”

A: Absolutely not, most braces treatments are completed in about 6 months and you will have the option to have clear braces or Invisalign clear aligners, if desired, for the most aesthetic and cosmetic treatment available.

Q: How is it possible to get straight teeth in half the time?

A: It is possible by combining the most advanced technologies available along with narrowing the focus and goals of treatment and removing the most time-dependant parts of the treament process such as changing the bite. In other words, if you have a comfortable bite and are not experiencing any problems and are mainly looking for a cosmetic improvement in your smile…AcceleSmile may be the perfect option for you. If not, we still have the traditional treatment options available to be specifically customized to your needs.

Most important of all; your treatment is performed by a board certified orthodontic specialist who has maximized the accumulated knowledge and continued education that comes with 30
years of experience in private practice.

Q: Does AcceleSmile accelerated braces damage the teeth, roots or gums?

A: AcceleSmile is entirely safe and effective…teeth are NOT moved any faster than with traditional braces and is safer due to shorter treatment time. The only difference is that the focus of treatment is cosmetic and NOT on the time consuming procedures required for significant “bite” adjustments and alignment.

Q: Will my teeth hurt more with AcceleSmile braces?

A: The AcceleSmile system uses “No Tightening” technology and lighter forces than traditional braces so discomfort, if any, is very limited.

Q: Will I have to wear a retainer?

A: Yes, as with any teeth straightening treatment, a retainer is necessary to maintain the straightened position of the teeth. You will have a choice between a removable or bonded retainer which, of course, is included in the fee.

Q: How can teeth be straightened in only six months?

A: Short term orthodontics is no different than traditional orthodontics other than the focus or the goals of the treatment. The mechanism of moving teeth is the same. Traditional orthodontic treatment takes so much time because the goals of treatment are more comprehensive in nature and often include significant changes in the position of the bite.
Short-term orthodontics with the AcceleSmile system is more cosmetically-focused and not as comprehensive as most traditional orthodontic cases. Most adults are comfortable with their bite and do not require major changes or correction. Specifically, the goals of the 6 Month AcceleSmile System often deal with correcting teeth straightening issues as part of a patient’s chief complaint which often include crowded teeth, crooked teeth, or spaced teeth noticeable when the patient smiles. These types of complaints are easily corrected in about 6 months with the Dr. Walton’s AcceleSmile system.

Q: How are Dr. Walton’s 6 Month AcceleSmile Braces different from his regular braces?

A: No difference. Dr. Walton developed the 6 Month AcceleSmile system to use the same advanced technology, Damon-type braces and super-elastic, low force wires that he uses in his traditional orthodontic treatments. The technology is so efficient that the “tightening” usually associated with braces is not required making the treatment process safe and super comfortable. However, these braces may differ from the type of “old-technology” (twin wing) braces that most orthodontists still use today.

Q: Are my teeth moving faster than regular braces? Will it damage my teeth?

A: No and no. Believe it or not, teeth move at the exact same rate with the AcceleSmile System as they do with Dr. Walton’s traditional braces treatment. How can this be true, you ask? As we explained previously, the goals of AcceleSmile treatment are cosmetically-focused and is not concerned with making large bite position changes usually associated with traditional long-term braces treatment. As a result, treatment is completed sooner, when a beautiful smile is achieved…in about six months.
Since teeth move at the same rate as traditional braces, there is no more chance for damage to your teeth or roots with 6 Month AcceleSmile than there is with traditional braces.

Q: Are my teeth moving faster than regular braces? Will it damage my teeth?

A: No and no. Believe it or not, teeth move at the exact same rate with the AcceleSmile System as they do with Dr. Walton’s traditional braces treatment. How can this be true, you ask? As we explained previously, the goals of AcceleSmile treatment are cosmetically-focused and is not concerned with making large bite position changes usually associated with traditional long-term braces treatment. As a result, treatment is completed sooner, when a beautiful smile is achieved…in about six months.
Since teeth move at the same rate as traditional braces, there is no more chance for damage to your teeth or roots with 6 Month AcceleSmile than there is with traditional braces.

Q: I love the six months treatment time, but will I still have to wear metal braces?

A: Absolutely not, you will have several options from clear braces to invisible braces (lingual or hidden behind the teeth), including clear aligners (Invisalign) as well as cost-effective metal. All braces options include the latest self-ligating bracket technology. Your choices are definitely not limited as they are with sub-standard braces options offered by general dentists i.e. Six Month Smiles or Fast Braces.

Q: How does 6 Month AcceleSmile Treatment differ from traditional orthodontic treatment?

A: There is really no difference in how Dr Walton straightens teeth with AcceleSmile vs. traditional orthodontics. Since he developed the AcceleSmile treatment protocol, the same advanced technology bracket and wire systems are used in both. The only difference is AcceleSmile treatment is primarily cosmetic-focused and not necessarily engaged in changing the position of the bite which is the main reason traditional orthodontic treatment takes so long. Since most adults are comfortable with their bite, long-term orthodontic treatment to change their bite is not a primary goal. Even patients undergoing traditional “long-term” orthodontics to correct bite problems are surprised to see their teeth are straight in 6 months or less with Dr. Walton’s treatment protocol. Therefore, there is no difference in how teeth are straightened…only the treatment goals and the treatment ending date are different.
Over his 25 years plus in practice, he has had the opportunity to use all the latest and best orthodontic systems available and combine the best aspects of each system into one super-efficient treatment protocol.

Q: Does treatment always take just 6 months?

A: Six months is the usual amount of time it takes to get maximum results. However, treatment can take less time if the treatment goals are realized sooner or the patient is satisfied with the results and elects to complete treatment early. In rare instances, treatment time may be extended due changes in treatment goals or additional requests from the patient…but never more than 2-3 extra months.

Q: Couldn’t I just go to any orthodontist or dentist and get braces for 6 months

A: You will be hard-pressed finding an orthodontist with a specific treatment protocol for short-term orthodontic treatment. The trademarked, Six Month AcceleSmile Braces System is a proprietary protocol developed and offered only by Dr. Walton. If you request short-term treatment from other orthodontists, they will, more likely than not, give you any one or all of the following opinions: “it (short-term treatment) is not a good treatment option…”; OR “…you will not achieve the results you are looking for…”; OR “…teeth cannot be moved that fast”; OR “it’s not good for teeth to be moved fast”; OR “…it is not certain your goals can be achieved in 6 months”; OR”it takes a long time for teeth to move and get set”. In most instances, however, you will be steered toward long term treatment.
In short, due to prevailing historical treatment protocols in use today and the short-sightedness of most orthodontists, they are not generally prepared to offer short-term treatment.
Now onto general dentists who offer orthodontic treatment in the form “Six Month Smiles” or “Fast Braces” which offer “no experience necessary” training courses for their general dentist providers of 2 days and 1 day respectively. Yes, that’s right, a general dentist with zero previous specialty training wants to straighten your teeth after a weekend course and wants to charge you close to, if not the same fee that Dr. Walton will charge you…and Dr. Walton has been straightening teeth all-day, every-day for over 25 years. The choice is yours.

Q: How does the AcceleSmile Braces System differ from “Six Month Smiles” offered primarily by general dentists.

A: The primary difference is that AcceleSmile Braces is an advanced short-term orthodontic treatment provided by a full-time, Board Certified orthodontic specialist with over 25 years of experience. By contrast, due to the slowing economy and their desire to generate additional income, general dentists have aggressively intruded into the orthodontic market with the introduction of “Six Month Smiles”. This system was developed primarily for general dentists. What is particularly disturbing is that the Six Month Smiles System promotes a “no experience necessary” 2 day training for their general dentist providers. Additionally, they utilize “old-technology” twin-wing braces made of plastic (which they deceptively give a high-tech name of “Lucid-Lok”). See more differences in our Comparison Table.

Q: Can Invisalign be used with the AcceleSmile System?

A: The AcceleSmile System protocol is optimized specifically for use with our advanced technology braces. However, we do have advanced protocols in place to reduce Invisalign treatment time up to 80%. With that said, short-term orthodontic treatment (8 months or less) is more efficiently accomplished with braces versus Invisalign. Why is this? It is simply due to the differences in how each system sequences the straightening of mis-aligned teeth. With braces, the most crooked or mis-aligned tooth moves first, whereas, with Invisalign, the teeth that need the most alignment are the last to move or get straightened.

Q: Where can I get 6 Month AcceleSmile Braces?

A: Since The 6 Month AcceleSmile Braces System was conceived, developed and trademarked by Dr. Matt Walton, it is currently only available at Walton Orthodontics. Beware, there are many imitators out there (Six Month Smiles, FastBraces, others?) with slick marketing gimmicks intent on trying to deceive the general public into believing that their general dentist has the experience and skill to provide a specialist treatment procedure previously reserved for those with an additional full-time, Advanced Post-Doctoral University Specialist degree beyond what they received from dental school. The intrusion of general dentists into the orthodontic arena is direct a result of the slowing economy and their desire to introduce additional income streams into their practices. Be smart in the treatment of your smile…get it done right!

Q: Can anyone get 6 Month AcceleSmile Braces?

A: Generally, yes. However, it is not recommended for growing children and adolescents. Since the jaws, teeth and other facial structures are still developing, we recommend a comprehensive correction and ideal positioning of the bite.

Q: What can I expect for results?

A: Your esthetic smile goals will be achieved. Your teeth straightening goals will be achieved and will be in most cases indistinguishable from the from the results you would get with traditional long-term braces. For adults who want a quick solution to improve their smiles…6 Month AcceleSmile is a no-brainier.

Q: Are there any limitations to AcceleSmile Braces?

A: Essentially no, other than correction of significant bite position discrepancies which, as we have discussed, is not the focus of this treatment option.

Q: Will I still have to wear retainers?

A: Yes. Teeth are in continuous movement throughout ones lifetime whether they have had braces or not.

Q: How did Dr. Walton develop the AcceleSmile System and why is it so different from what anyone else can do with braces?

A: Dr. Walton has had the fortunate and unique experience of being associated with and practice with some of the largest, most progressive and efficiently run practices in the United States concurrently while running his own private practice. With the understanding that no two orthodontists practice the same way, it was an eye opening experience to see the differences in practice philosophy, treatment protocols and appliance systems used to treat orthodontic patients…some good, some not so good. Dr. Walton was able to experience and test the use of all the best braces and appliance systems available to orthodontists and then assimilate and combine the systems and materials that worked the best and in the most efficient manner into his own unique system. It is this open-minded, “outside the box” way of thinking through orthodontic solutions that makes this system special.
So what, you say. One might find it interesting to note that traditionally orthodontists are very isolated in their practices, both geographically and professionally. Most orthodontists practice by themselves and do not typically have partners. This isolation prevents the common sharing of knowledge and experiences with other orthodontists usually because the other orthodontists are their competition. As a result, orthodontists are usually set in their ways, resistant to change and usually practice the same way (same systems and protocols) that they were taught in their residency program which could be as far back as 10, 20, 30 years ago or more. Their experience with or acceptance of the latest and greatest technology and advances available in orthodontics is unfortunately very limited. That’s why we can do things that others cannot.

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