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Keeping Your Teeth Clean With Braces

Nov 15, 2016
You’ve heard how important brushing and flossing in terms of keeping your smile healthy. However, if you have braces on those pearly whites, it becomes even more important. Your time in braces is a season you’ll want to pick up your oral hygiene habits instead of slack off. Neglecting to brush and floss correctly and diligently through your orthodontic treatment can leave you with smile that is straight, yet plagued with stains, decay and gingivitis.

Is It Too Late To Straighten My Teeth?

Oct 18, 2016
If you are an adult with a crooked smile, you may be wondering if you’ve missed your chances of straightening your teeth. The answer is emphatically “No”! It is never too late to get braces and achieve the straighter smile you have always wanted. Orthodontics are designed for both children and adults. In fact, recent surveys suggest that 1 in every 5 orthodontic patients is an adult.

Does Thumb Sucking Mean Braces?

Sep 12, 2016
Babies are born with a sucking reflex, which helps to establish proper feeding. However, this strong behavior dissipates after about 4 months. At this point, it becomes a soothing mechanism for many babies. While some babies adapt to the use of a pacifier, others find that their thumb does the job just fine

Life With Braces: What To Expect

Aug 10, 2016
Your teeth are part of your body and something you are used to. When you suddenly get braces attached to your teeth, it can throw you for a loop. Activities that you once took for granted, such as being able to eat what you want, may now require a little forethought. You will also have a new set of rules in terms of caring for your teeth and gums. Here are some tips on what to expect during your “life with braces.” Just remember that orthodontic treatment is a temporary sacrifice that can provide years of a straight, beautiful smile.

Understanding Surgical Orthodontics

Jul 17, 2016
Most orthodontic correction can be made through braces or other appliances. However, there are cases in which surgery is necessary. Surgical orthodontics actually combines orthodontic treatment with orthognathic surgery. Orthognathic surgery is essentially jaw surgery to address severe bite misalignment when an underlying jaw imbalance is the cause.

Is The Damon BraceLift™ Right For You?

Jun 10, 2016
The primary objective of orthodontic treatment is to straighten your teeth and align your bite. However, there is an innovative braces system available that not only addresses your teeth, but improves your facial appearance too. The Damon System BraceLift™ can make dramatic aesthetic improvements in your overall facial balance and create a more youthful facial profile.

Got Braces? Stay Away From Soft Drinks!

May 11, 2016
Wearing braces comes with a handful of restrictions. While you may be well aware of what you shouldn’t eat, you need to also consider what you are drinking. Soft drinks can wreak havoc on your teeth, especially if you are wearing braces.

Understanding Your Child's Expander

Feb 17, 2016
It is not uncommon for your child’s first experience with orthodontics to be an expander. A palatal expander is often recommended for younger patients as either an early prep for braces or to possibly avoid braces altogether. It is a standard orthodontic appliance that is essentially used to create more space in the upper arch of the mouth.

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We’re very happy with walton orthodontics. We’re new to braces! So everytime we come in we hear and see something new. We love the flexibility with rescheduling! We got a good price! Lauren’s teeth are moving in the right direction. He is not only knowledgeable, but loves a good laugh too!

- Florence H

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The entire staff at Walton Orthodontics goes above and beyond to answer all of your questions. They are through, professional and efficient. Dr. Walton and his staff quickly developed an outstanding support with my son and our family.

- Whitney B
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