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Orthodontist near Cumming GAYou desperately want and even need orthodontic treatment, but you can’t seem to bring yourself to spend years in braces. Whether it is your stage of life, your pride or your career, it’s understandable to desire faster results from your orthodontics. Fortunately, modern dentistry has offered a solution. Propel is a state-of-the-art technology that ranks high on the list of accelerated orthodontics. Propel is gentle and brief, and it is highly effective for encouraging faster teeth movement and alignment.

Who is an ideal candidate for Propel?

Propel candidates can specifically be recognized by your orthodontic provider, as every case is unique. However, many types of patients can benefit from Propel, as long as you have a strong desire to speed up your time in braces. Typically, patients can obtain a straighter smile in less than a year, accelerating their treatment time by 30% or even 50%!

How does Propel actually work?

Propel works with your own biology. By stimulating the surrounding bone with the revolutionary Propel device, the teeth move faster and more predictably. In result, you’ll be able to enjoy your straight smile sooner with fewer office visits along the way.

What does the Propel procedure involve? Does it hurt?

Propel can be completed within minutes in the comfort of your orthodontic office. Propel does not involve an invasive surgical procedure or the need for sedation. It uses a simple 3-step process that yields minimal discomfort, if any. The patented procedure involves drilling tiny holes into the teeth through the gum, in order to stimulate faster tooth movement. Patients can immediately return to normal activities once the Propel treatment is complete. You will likely be asked to repeat the procedure every three months until ideal results are achieved.

What type of orthodontics can Propel be used for?

Propel can be used a large majority patients receiving orthodontic treatment. It has been effectively used with clear aligners, clear braces, and conventional metal braces.

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