Orthodontist in Suwanee, GA Explains How “Not” to Accelerate Your Invisalign Treatment

Award-winning Orthodontist in Suwanee Answers: Is It OK to Skip or Advance Invisalign Trays?

[Atlanta, Johns Creek, Ga] A quick answer to this question is no. It is not a good idea skipping Aligners or moving on to a new aligner too soon unless your provider specifically tells you to do so.

how not to accelerate invisalign suwanee gaThe Invisalign system works by wearing a sequential series of aligners (at least 22 hours per day) for a specified number of days. “Sequential” is the is the keyword and it means that each aligner in the series is meant to be worn for its specified amount of time. This is important because each aligner has as much as 0.25mm of tooth movement manufactured into it.

Therefore, skipping an aligner or advancing to a new aligner too soon may incorporate adaptation “errors” at the aligner-tooth interface. This simply means that the fit of the aligner will be compromised even though the aligner may not feel any different on the teeth. In other words, the movement of the teeth begin to lag behind the tooth movement engineered into the each aligner currently being worn. As a result, this adaptation error gets compounded into each successive aligner as the patient moves through treatment and may not visibly show itself until several sets of aligners down the road.

Visibly, the aligners show areas where they have lost intimate contact with the tooth surface known as “tracking”errors. Tracking errors show up as gaps of space between the aligner-tooth interface and indicate where the movement of the teeth have stopped tracking or have fallen behind that of the aligner.

Can the movement of my teeth catch up if “tracking” errors are detected?

In most cases tracking errors cannot be recovered or made up without taking a new impression or scan and having new aligners fabricated. However, a skilled orthodontist in Suwanee, GA who is creative can use special techniques to recover selected tracking problems if they are isolated. In conclusion, it is vitally important for you to follow the instructions and wear schedule determined by your provider.

[About the author: Dr. Matt Walton is a Suwanee, GA Orthodontist and Board Certified Braces and Invisalign Specialist whose practice covers Atlanta and the surrounding areas. He is a resident expert contributor to RealSelf.com. He can be reached at info@drwalton.com]

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